Is Your Organization Ready to ROC?

ROC workshops let your team learn and experiment with using the five principles for creative success —
Listen, Question, Communicate, Collaborate and Cross-Train.
ROC customizes workshops to address your needs and guide you to achieve new levels of performance.



Imagine this – a live concert featuring familiar rock music to open your organization’s business meeting, conference or professional development retreat. Woven throughout the concert we explain how we use the principles of the creative process. Read more

Feedback Loop
This workshop demonstrates how we listen, question and communicate throughout our practices and concerts to help us open clear, helpful ideas and deliver the best product possible to our audiences.  Read more

The Art of Questions: How Curiosity Accelerates Connection
This workshop will open new dialog and ideas so your group can move past obstacles and discover new, previously overlooked or untried ideas and solutions. Read more

What If? – Change Your Lens to Supercharge Creativity
What might appear if your team looked at its work through a completely different lens? This workshop gives your team the experience of using new lenses to discover new commonalities and possibilities in their relationships and work together.  Read more

ROC will show you how we “click” with each other and our music to build outstanding teamwork and results.   You will serve as ROC’s rhythm section as we explore the principles of collaboration.  Read more

Cross-Training to Increase Creative Results – A Series of Customized Sessions
This series of workshops helps you build the emotional, mental and technical muscles to explore smart risks, endure the uncertainty period and learn collaboratively until you achieve exciting new results.  Read more

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