Service Packages

Dr. Connie Frigo, the Director of ROC, will help you tailor the line-up of workshops
to meet your team’s needs and your organization’s goals. Contact her.


Primer – a one-day visit

  • The Keynote, plus several BREAKOUT SESSIONS with sample exercises chosen from the above workshops.
  • Choose this option if your organization wants a dynamic and energetic performance to ignite curiousity about the creative process and then wants to get its “feet wet” with introductory experiences of acting more creatively.

Intermediate – 3-4 visits over several months

  • This series of customized workshops and musical experiences will help you address specific creative needs and goals of your organization.
  • Choose this option if your organization is ready to think outside of the box and deepen its use of the powerful principles for achieving creative results.

Advanced – 6-8 visits over a year

  • The creative process requires practice. With this customized series of workshops and concerts we structure a sequence of experiences and between-session practice exercises that build success upon the discoveries made from one session to the next .
  • Choose this option if you are ready to invest in making the creative process central to your culture and the foundation for new success.

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