From Corning, Incorporated

“Many thanks for introducing the ROC Ensemble to Corning! They…well…rock!. The interplay between music and technological innovation is something I’ve enjoyed since I was a child so the presentation by the ROC was powerfully evocative and thoroughly engaging.” – Manager, Technical Talent Pipelining

From Delta Air Lines

What was most important was all the different discussions between each piece and seeing how that really relates to your own individual performance within your work group, but also understanding the implications of the relationships within the work group for your entire company.” –Tessa Seidler, Talent Acquisition Project Manager

From The QUO VADIS Agency

When we saw the ROC Ensemble demonstrate the difference in the effect of performing with heart vs. when you mute that emotion, it was something I wanted so many of my corporate clients to really see; that [heart] gives you license to do the thing that is most elemental and essential to human culture, which is to be emotional. 

I came in without any real expectations of what was going to happen and I was completely impressed by the caliber of the musicianship and by the power of the message. – Rick Julian, Chief Creative Officer

From Mastermind Marketing

Seeing this today from the ROC Ensemble helps a lot of people break out of the mold that they’re used to.  A lot of corporations, as great as they are at what they do, often lack that empathy, passion and soul from every individual, playing together as a team, which this music from the ROC Ensemble really brings to life. –Ryan Wofford, Vice President, Strategy

From Corporate Adventure

I left ROC’s program inspired. ROC musicians are pros who energize and amaze. They left the audience smiling and wanting more.”
-Meredith Kimbell, President

From Tom LaForge, Human and Cultural Insights Specialist 

I liked when ROC talked about the four skills required in the group: the ability to hear, see, use your heart, and use your head. In the business world we tend to believe that our value comes from our heads, so we over-utilize that and under-utilize our hearts.  If we can help people realize that their true value comes from the totality of using all of those facilities, we can help the corporate world become more innovative and creative.

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