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Making It in the Music World

making it in music

Do you have what it takes to make it in the music world?
Do you know what it takes to make it?
What is “making it,” anyway? Read More

Music Entrepreneurship Retreat

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Musicians from all disciplines (winds, strings, percussion, piano, voice, composition), established and aspiring, who desire to gain essential career skills and attitudes for success in today’s music world
College music faculty interested in the pedagogy of music entrepreneurship in order to train today’s music students for success.
Full chamber ensembles welcome and encouraged to attend! Read More

What’s Your Game-Changer?

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Even though I dislike shopping, I’m remembering Black Friday 2008 with fondness and a huge smile.  That day was a game-changing day for me. I bought new kitchen appliances that day (saved $2000!) because I was putting my condo on the market the following month, leaving a secure, full-time university teaching job for a part-time one, and moving where I wanted to live even though the cost of living was triple.  For two years, my income would be cut in half and I was losing health and retirement benefits.  I took a sabbatical from the professional chamber music group I was in.  I reduced my public performances by over 90%.  Little did I know the depth of discovery, richness and clarity that would come from those choices. Read More

Meet Greg Sandow and Learn How to Build an Audience

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Greg Sandow and I met in Feb. 2010. We were told that we had similar philosophies on where musicians should focus their attention to create thriving and sustainable careers.  That was the understatement of the year!  Greg and I had an explosive connection that has not slowed down since.   In fact, our conversations led to my inspiration to launch the Music Entrepreneurship Retreat, with Greg as the first person I invited to be a part of ROC’s team.  He’ll be at the retreat the whole week as a presenter, consultant, workshop leader and storyteller. Read More

Set Yourself Free

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If I could have designed a work of art to represent why the Road of Creativity exists, it would be this sculpture by Zenos Frudakis.   This profound work of art depicts a universal message – a gradual awakening that ultimately sets one free from boundaries.   The boundaries are always internal.  The most powerful part of the scuplture is the depiction of the process of being set free.  The stages of struggle are apparent, as is the overwhelming sense of freedom when access to oneself is achieved.  Commit. Struggle. Access. Read More

What is the Road of Creativity?


Connie Frigo, Founder and Chief Creativity Officer, The Road of Creativity

The Road of Creativity exists to teach musicians to think like entrepreneurs and businesses to think like artists.  It’s for those who desire more connection to their work, yearn to discover who they are and where they want their work to go.

My purpose is to teach others to excel with the creative process, in all areas of work. Creativity is not reserved for artists – nor is it easy, convenient or an end in itself – rather, it is a way of life, a discipline available for anyone who desires to reach a goal, tread on untrodden paths or merely determine the direction they wish to go. Read More