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How Playing Fearlessly Leads to Reinvention: Recommended Reading List


The Road of Creativity and Kristen McKeon of D’Addario recently presented a new workshop, How Playing Fearlessly Leads to Reinvention. The topic was born from months of inquiry about risk and fear, ultimately leading to the deeper question, “what is your bottom line as a human being (and musician)?” That if your bottom line is identified and adhered to in the most important aspects of your life, doesn’t it seem probable that fear might lessen or subside, which in turn stands to strengthen your ability to take greater risks in all aspects of your life? Read More

Set Yourself Free

set yourself free_0

If I could have designed a work of art to represent why the Road of Creativity exists, it would be this sculpture by Zenos Frudakis.   This profound work of art depicts a universal message – a gradual awakening that ultimately sets one free from boundaries.   The boundaries are always internal.  The most powerful part of the scuplture is the depiction of the process of being set free.  The stages of struggle are apparent, as is the overwhelming sense of freedom when access to oneself is achieved.  Commit. Struggle. Access. Read More