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Landing the Job Despite Scary Odds


By Brittney Saline and Connie Frigo

Statistics are interesting, don’t you think? We use them to gauge the likelihood of success or as a way of summarizing the state of affairs in a given population. Sometimes they’re just entertaining bits of trivia (at the time this post was written, there were over 187,000,000,000 emails sent today worldwide*). You can’t let statistics run your life, but sometimes they’re worth paying attention to – so that you can take measures to make sure you come out in the favorable percentage. Take this statistic, for instance: in the academic year of 2010/2011, there were only 52 job openings for woodwinds in university music programs across the US, including adjunct and combined positions. Not a woodwind player? Well, there were only 40 openings for brass, and 39 for strings.  And that’s an improvement from the year prior, when there were only 27 for woodwinds, 21 for brass and 42 for strings.** Read More

Bridging Musicians & the Music Industry


By Brittney Saline, Assistant to Connie Frigo, Director of Road of Creativity

Who comes to mind when you think of the music community? Musicians. Teachers, students, audiences. Maybe sound engineers. But did you ever think about industry as being part of the arts world? The companies that dedicate their time and resources to crafting the products you rely on to make the best music you can make? Read More



Networking is a buzzword as popular as ‘entrepreneurship,’ yet the teaching of how to network effectively and genuinely is not often at the core of its mention. This is true of entrepreneurship, too.  Both terms are often to referred to as “things everyone should be doing to succeed in today’s world.” Quite a powerful statement that can seem overwhelming and frustrating without How-to guidance.  (It reminds me of being told for years and years the importance of playing scales before I understood – or wanted to believe – that scales are THE building blocks of music.)  Networking is to your career goals like scales are to music: you will only go so far without fully embracing them. Read More