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5 Entrepreneurial Pillars of Performance


Check out this video of Taimur Sullivan and me performing “Black” for two baritone saxophones by Marc Mellits.  If you are like most people, your reaction to this video has to do with the music, composer,  performance, performers or instruments – definitely something performance-related.  What most people don’t realize are five entrepreneurial principles that were critical for bringing this performance to the stage: Read More

Spotlight on Anne Midgette, Washington Post Music Critic

anne midgette

If you’re aspiring to make a career out of music, I’m sure this thought has crossed your mind: How do I get discovered?

For as much as we love music for its own sake, it’s easy for musicians to become consumed with what others think about the music we make. We think that if only we can earn the stamp of approval from a noteworthy name, the rest of our career will magically fall into place. But is that really true? And with so many great musicians out there, how can any one artist hope to snag the attention of the critics and audiences? Read More

Landing the Job Despite Scary Odds


By Brittney Saline and Connie Frigo

Statistics are interesting, don’t you think? We use them to gauge the likelihood of success or as a way of summarizing the state of affairs in a given population. Sometimes they’re just entertaining bits of trivia (at the time this post was written, there were over 187,000,000,000 emails sent today worldwide*). You can’t let statistics run your life, but sometimes they’re worth paying attention to – so that you can take measures to make sure you come out in the favorable percentage. Take this statistic, for instance: in the academic year of 2010/2011, there were only 52 job openings for woodwinds in university music programs across the US, including adjunct and combined positions. Not a woodwind player? Well, there were only 40 openings for brass, and 39 for strings.  And that’s an improvement from the year prior, when there were only 27 for woodwinds, 21 for brass and 42 for strings.** Read More

Musician: Master of Many Trades

many hats

Most musicians know that a career in music rarely consists of one “job,” complete with your name on the door and regular hours. Even if their primary source of income comes from a consistent teaching or performing gig, most musicians wear many hats and juggle several positions at once. Read More

Bridging Musicians & the Music Industry


By Brittney Saline, Assistant to Connie Frigo, Director of Road of Creativity

Who comes to mind when you think of the music community? Musicians. Teachers, students, audiences. Maybe sound engineers. But did you ever think about industry as being part of the arts world? The companies that dedicate their time and resources to crafting the products you rely on to make the best music you can make? Read More