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How To Write a Compelling Bio

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Welcome back author Brittney Saline.  Brittney is a musician with a serious knack for pen and paper, the ability to see other people’s strengths and a desire to help them pull it all together.  She’s a researcher, consultant and the best assistant I could ever hope for at the Road of Creativity.   Read on as she shares tips on how to write an engaging bio that goes beyond a list of accomplishments. Read More

Making It in the (Chamber) Music World – with PRISM Quartet


Brittney Saline, assistant to Road of Creativity founder Connie Frigo, is the author of this behind the scenes glimpse into PRISM.

Last week we asked you if you knew what it takes to make it in the music world. Bassoonist Michael Harley and expert leadership consultant Meredith Kimbell shared with us their excellent insight into the foundations of “making it,” focusing on building relationships and taking risks.  Read their insights here. Read More

Making It in the Music World

making it in music

Do you have what it takes to make it in the music world?
Do you know what it takes to make it?
What is “making it,” anyway? Read More

Mind the Gap

mind the gap

You know, the one that exists between that which you know and do not know.  This has been a focus of our discussions lately in my saxophone studio at the University of Georgia.  This gap produces discomfort of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of lack of productivity.  It unglues the familiar, the foundation upon which past accomplishments have been achieved.  The fear of releasing the familiar for the unfamiliar produces resistance, confusion and frustration.  And questions.  Lots of questions. Read More