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Invest in Yourself


I can say with honesty that the first time I spent money that felt like an investment with a tangible return was when I commissioned Dutch composer JacobTV in 2002 to write a new work for alto saxophone and boombox, entitled Billie.   The tangible return was the obvious: a new piece of music that I owned rights to for one year and was going to premiere at the 2003 World Saxophone Conference in Minneapolis.  Despite the commissioning fee that was beyond my means at the time, the investment felt right; I was sure about that because Jacob’s music set my thoughts on fire. Read More

“Get Taken In”: ROC Ensemble Debut

ROC Ensemble Silly

Road of Creativity welcomes guest blogger Brittney Saline of ThePossibleFeat, who attended the debut concert of the Road of Creativity Ensemble (ROC Ensemble) on January 7, 2012 at St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in SW, Washington D.C.   A gifted writer, thinker and classically-trained musician, Brittney asked if she could contribute a guest blog of her reaction to our premier concert.  A heartfelt thank you, Brittney, from the ROC Ensemble for “getting taken in” and feeling compelled to share it. Read More