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Meet Greg Sandow and Learn How to Build an Audience

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Greg Sandow and I met in Feb. 2010. We were told that we had similar philosophies on where musicians should focus their attention to create thriving and sustainable careers.  That was the understatement of the year!  Greg and I had an explosive connection that has not slowed down since.   In fact, our conversations led to my inspiration to launch the Music Entrepreneurship Retreat, with Greg as the first person I invited to be a part of ROC’s team.  He’ll be at the retreat the whole week as a presenter, consultant, workshop leader and storyteller. Read More

Set Yourself Free

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If I could have designed a work of art to represent why the Road of Creativity exists, it would be this sculpture by Zenos Frudakis.   This profound work of art depicts a universal message – a gradual awakening that ultimately sets one free from boundaries.   The boundaries are always internal.  The most powerful part of the scuplture is the depiction of the process of being set free.  The stages of struggle are apparent, as is the overwhelming sense of freedom when access to oneself is achieved.  Commit. Struggle. Access. Read More