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Kickstart(er) Your Creative Project


An entrepreneurial venture cannot launch without funding.  Too often, creative projects become nothing more than ideas that struggle to launch because of the lack of funding or lack of awareness on the part of the creators of how to raise funds.  Do any of these sound familiar?: Recordings that are in the can without funding to edit, press and release; a book that sits complete in digital form because no publisher will pick it up; a performance project that goes unrealized because the cost of producing the concert is too expensive; a concert with more people on stage than in the audience resulting in a presenter that doesn’t invite you back because ticket sales did not cover expenses. Read More



Networking is a buzzword as popular as ‘entrepreneurship,’ yet the teaching of how to network effectively and genuinely is not often at the core of its mention. This is true of entrepreneurship, too.  Both terms are often to referred to as “things everyone should be doing to succeed in today’s world.” Quite a powerful statement that can seem overwhelming and frustrating without How-to guidance.  (It reminds me of being told for years and years the importance of playing scales before I understood – or wanted to believe – that scales are THE building blocks of music.)  Networking is to your career goals like scales are to music: you will only go so far without fully embracing them. Read More

Musician + Entrepreneurship = Career You Want


My first published article on entrepreneurship for musicians appeared in the Saxophone Journal magazine in early 2011, with the hope of it becoming a regular column in the bi-monthly publication.  But in order to reach as many people as possible and increase the chances of valuable discourse, the Road of Creativity’s blog will now serve as host for these exchanges.  Enjoy the first article in a series of three that were written for the SJ.  Don’t be fooled into thinking the article applies only to saxophonists.  The saxophone is my vehicle on the Road of Creativity, but it comes with a universal message. I welcome all comments and personal stories!